Entangle Player Privacy Policy

Entangle Player for iOS and Apple TV Privacy Policy

Last Modified: May 20, 2020

Koherence does not collect any statistics, personal information, or analytics from our users other than built in mechanisms that are present for all mobile or embedded applications and are made available via their respective main distribution channels.

Entangle Player allows you to enter certain personal information or authentication credentials, such as the username and password for a SchedulesDirect program guide service account. This information is used within and between the Entangle Player and Entangle DVR. Koherence does not have access to this information.

Entangle Player and Entangle DVR may log information regarding your interaction with the application or DVR. For example, they may collect information related to which shows are recorded, whether you watch shows live or recorded, and what type of trick play actions are performed. These logs are collected for diagnostics and debugging purposes and stored on their respective devices. The logs are not transmitted to Koherence. You may be asked to provide or grant access to these logs in order to diagnose and debug problems related to the Entangle Player and Entangle DVR software.