The Tickless Linux Kernel and Power Consumption

Those of you who’ve been following in-koherence know that I always keep power consumption in mind and frequently look into what’s driving my electricity bill. I recently went on another round of power misering at Koherence. After a bit of head-scratching, it turns out that running operating systems without tickless kernel support was an unexpected source of power drain. Continue reading “The Tickless Linux Kernel and Power Consumption”

Windows 10 Insomnia

This blog is a bit off-topic for in-koherence, but dealing with Windows 10’s inability to sleep through the night has been incredibly frustrating. Apparently it’s been for quite a few others too, so I decided to share my experience and ultimate solution (which fortunately did not involve burning my laptop.)

Since upgrading to Windows 10, I’ve come into the office on a couple occasions to find my laptop powered on. The first couple times I figured I must have forgotten to hibernate the system before leaving. But I was pretty sure I hibernated the system last night before going to bed…so what was it doing on? Continue reading “Windows 10 Insomnia”