Entangle 3.1415926535897932384626…

It’s been a while since we’ve posted and we’ve got some exciting news – we’re pleased to add the Raspberry Pi 4 to the Entangle family!

Entangle was written to be portable and with set-top SoCs in mind, but we were surprised that with a few Makefile-related changes everything built and ran. Even HLS-streaming to iOS clients – though without hardware acceleration adaptive bitrate kicked in and settled on a lower-than-usual bitrate/quality. A few changes to enable the hardware H.264 encoder and things are functioning very close to the Core i3-8250 based Entangles.

The Entangle ATSC 3.0 front-end is also up and running! But alas, enabling hardware-accelerated H.265 decoding through libav seems to be a bit more involved, so the live transcoding HLS output is limited to ATSC 1.0. For now Entangle Pi can only direct stream ATSC 3.0.