Setting Up Your Entangle DVR

Setting up your Entangle DVR involves the following steps:

    • Set up the Entangle Player for iOS or tvOS application.
    • Link Entangle to your SchedulesDirect account.
    • Configure your station lineup.
    • Configuring your antenna(s)
    • Configuring your tuner(s)
    • Configuring storage for recordings
    • Indicating which channels you receive and setting up your Favorite Channels list

Set up the Entangle Player for iOS or tvOS

The first step in setting up the Entangle DVR is to set up the companion iOS or tvOS Player application. These applications allow you to discover your Entangle on the network. The iOS application also allows you to configure the Entangle DVR within the app. You can alternately use a web browser to access the Entangle DVR’s web management interface for configuration.

Note: The tvOS application does not allow in-app setup of the Entangle DVR. Please use the web management interface.

Launching the Entangle Player app for iOS or tvOS

When the Entangle Player app is first launched, you will be prompted to select an Entangle. You will also receive this message if you have previously selected an entangle but the app can no longer communicate with it.

The Entangle Player will scan for Entangle DVRs on your local network. You also have the option of manually entering an address (this should only be necessary for remote streaming).

If your Entangle is not displayed, ensure that the Entangle Player and the Entangle DVR are on the same network, then press the Scan button.

Getting to Entangle DVR Setup from Entangle Player for iOS

To access Entangle DVR Setup from the iOS application, select the Manage tab.

Getting to Entangle DVR Setup from a web browser

To access the Entangle DVR Setup via a web browser, first note the IP address of your Entangle that is displayed in the Entangle Player. Then use the following URL to access the Entangle DVR Web Management Inteface::

http://<entangle ip address>:49151/sysinfo

For example if your Entangle is at IP address, then enter the following address in your browser:

Link Entangle to your SchedulesDirect Account

The Entangle DVR obtains information about stations in your area and program listings from the SchedulesDirect service.

In order to link your Entangle DVR with your SchedulesDirect account, select SchedulesDirect from the drop-down menu in the upper right of the page. This wil take you to the SchedulesDirect Configuration screen.

Enter your SchedulesDirect username and password then press the Apply Changes button.

Configure Your Station Lineup

The SchedulesDirect service groups stations into lineups. Each service provider and geographic area has distinct lineups. The Entangle DVR is configured wth OTA (“Over The Air”) lineups for your zip code.

If you are using SchedulesDirect with other applications or devices, you may have already added lineups to your account. The list of subscribed lineups is displayed once your login credentials have been applied.

Your SchedulesDirect account can be subscribed to up to four lineups.

Adding a Lineup

    1. Enter your postal code and click “Get Lineups”.
    2. A table listing the available lineups is displayed. This list will include lineups from cable, satellite and IPTV providers as well as one OTA lineup.
    3. To select the OTA lineup, click the “Add” button next to the lineup named “USA-OTA-XXXXX”. For example if your postal code is 12345, select the lineup “USA-OTA-12345”.
    4. Click “Add Selected Lineup”.

Removing a Lineup

    1. Click on the button next to the lineup you would like to delete.
    2. Click “Remove Selected Lineup”.

Downloading Lineup Information

When your list of subscribed lineups is complete, click on the Download button in the Download Station List section.

The Entangle DVR will contact the SchedulesDirect service and download the station list associated with each lineup you have subscribed to.

The status of the download is displayed and will progress from Initializing to Downloading, Processing, and finally to Succeeded. A typical download might take a couple minutes.

Once the download has succeeded, proceed to Configure Your Antenna.

If the download fails, verify your SchedulesDirect username and password and retry the download.

Configure Your Antenna

The Entangle DVR supports multiple antenna configurations. Multiple antennas may be required if your receive over-the-air broadcasts from multiple directions. IT may also be necessary if you have specialized antennas, for example one antenna for UHF and another antenna for VHF.

To add antennas to the Entangle DVR, click on the ‘+’ button. A new row is added to the Antennas table where you can name the antenna. When you are done click on “Apply Changes”. In the example below two antennas have been added, “CM4228HD-Sutro” and “DB4e-Monument”

To remove an antenna, click it’s Delete checkbox then click on “Apply Changes”.

Configure Your Tuners

The Entangle DVR supports using multiple HDHomerun tuners, each of which may be connected to a different antenna.

The list of HDHomerun tuners on the same network as the Entangle DVR are automatically discovered and displayed in the Tuners table. If you add or remove HDHomeruns during setup, click on the “Find Tuners” button to refresh the list of available tuners.

HDHomerun tuners are identified by the name:

hdhr:serial number: tuner number

For example:


A dual tuner HDHomerun such as the HDHomerun Duo will have two entiries, one for each tuner, and a quad-tuner HDHomerun will have four entries.

For each HDHomerun tuner you’d like to use with your Entangle DVR, select the antenna it is connected to and set its state to “active”.

Once you are done configuring your HDHomerun tuners, click on the “Apply Changes” button.

Configuring Recording Storage